A Canadian Success Story

Curb-Ease is truly a Canadian success story. Founded by President and CEO Garry Tynan, the company began operations in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia in 1996 and launched the franchise opportunity in the fall of 2005. Since that time Curb-Ease has expanded franchises in British Columbia as well as launched operations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Atlantic Canada and is currently looking for a Master Franchise for Quebec.

For years Garry was a Vice President working hard at making money for someone else.  Tynan wanted to start up his own business, but nothing seemed to appeal to him until he found out about a unique curbing machine invented in Australia.  Tynan remembers thinking that the concept was great, but with a background in construction he realized that the first curbing equipment he saw wasn't designed to do the volume of work required to sustain him over the winter. After doing some research and discovering a great market for continuous concrete borders, Tynan set out to design and build the best equipment package available.  

Reflecting back on the early days of Curb-Ease Tynan remembers how the requirements for additional equipment features grew as the company developed different markets for curbing.  Trailers needed to carry significant loads of material, be structurally sound while having a smart design and professional look. Supply and equipment storage compartments had to be lockable, and tarps had to cover the sand / aggregate supply box.

Over the next several years Tynan continually modified the curbing trailers, custom manufactured wheelbarrows, designed new slipform profiles for the curb machine as well as  created marketing items and put in place systems that would allow a crew to achieve the daily and monthly footage that the Curb-Ease system was intended to do.

We are constantly striving to enhance performance of the equipment and processes that create a positive effect for our franchisees. Many franchisees are active in this process as well. Curb-Ease™ has an "open communication" policy and our franchisees appreciate that their ideas and / or suggestions can make a positive contribution to the entire network.

With Curb-Ease you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  It's not too late to become a Curb-Ease Franchise Partner. Call today and request an information package!

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