The Presidents Message

Garry Tynan, President

Hopefully by the time you have clicked on this link, you have gone through most of the site and have a pretty good understanding of what our Curb-Ease Franchise can offer you.  When buying a Curb-Ease franchise we provide you with the trailer, equipment, tools, marketing items, accessories and the training & support that can help you succeed-but purchasing a franchise is like every other investment, you need to make sure that our system / franchise is right for you.

In 1996 my wife Kelly and I started Curb-Ease with the commitment that we would build our business one customer at a time.  Our passion for business and the drive & determination to succeed has brought on many challenges and many rewards. From running a successful curbing division to manufacturing our own line of colour, overlay products, curbing equipment, trailers and much more, we are the only company that is able to provide a turn-key package that was designed for success.

Building your own business requires hard work and commitment. Our installation division focused on quality and over the years designed a curb mix that allowed for more strength and flexibility, which in turn provided our customers with a premium quality curb that was integrally coloured and came in a wide variety of patterns.  We soon tagged our marketing campaigns with the slogan "When Quality Matters", which is used today by our Franchisee's. 

Thank-you for taking the time to read about Curb-Ease.  If you would like to opportunity to receive additional information, please complete our on-line request form and a preliminary information package will be sent to you.

"Its a GREAT Day for Curbing!" 

Garry Tynan, President