Corporate Support

We provide a thorough training program consisting of both classroom theory as well as hands on training and operational support throughout your business launch. An extensive 5-day training program will provide you with the knowledge, experience and skill to be able to provide your customers with quality workmanship.


Field Visits
We offer a level of support that few companies are able to match. Our Regional Field Representatives  will work with you from time to time in your own market to coach and train you and your team on an individual basis.

Technical Support

On a job and need technical support? Our technical support line is open to you 6 days a week.


With over 20 years experience in the field of decorative concrete, our technical support team has seen it all.  When you're in need of technical support, you can feel confident that the answers you are getting are from experienced individuals.

Curb-Ease™ Conference

The marketing team is skilled in designing marketing advertisements that maintain a professional image with all your ads and promotional items.  Our marketing and design department will build your ads to your specifications ensuring you get the most professional looking ad to help promote Curb-Ease™ products.

Request additional info today and receive a preliminary package that will help you see if this may be the right business for you.

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