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Curb-Ease has been featured in many different major media outlets including radio, newspapers, magazines and online.  In this section, you can find some of our recently featured stories.

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Some of the media outlets we've been featured on are:


CURB-EASE - Working Hard, Working Smart

Garry Tynan loves the outdoors as much as he loves business.  For more than eight summers, the founder and president of Curb-Ease has been hard at work outside his customer's homes, pouring and finishing concrete ladscape borders that are both functional and decorative.  The days are long, but...




Curb Appeal - A concrete curb is a quick way to frame a lawn or garden

When Karen Daniels first saw the Curb-Ease product, she became excited.  The morning show personality at JRFM radio brought her home new seven years ago.  It was nicely landscaped, she said, but was missing something.  "Our yard was like a very nice piece of art, but...




Regional Wonders - Ahead of the Curb

Garry Tynan and his wife Kelly are enjoying the delicious moment in time when their franchise system is excitingly new, but has already proven popular with consumers.  At trade shows, potential franchisees gawk at photographic evidence of the company's appeal.  They are even keener when told about hefty profit margins and profits earned seasonally with...