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All curb machines are designed to extrude concrete.  Some machines are designed to do large highway curbing and others, like the Curb-Ease Turbo-Curber™, are designed to do decorative concrete landscape borders as well as parking lot curbing.  Most people are led to believe it is the machine that makes the great curb, but the machine is only one part of the equation. A certified installer, the right mix design, proper base preparation all play an important role in producing an excellent job.


The Curb Mix
Over the past 21 years Curb-Ease has worked on improving the curb mix to provide the customer with the strongest, most flexible concrete border available.  Aside from the industry standard of cement, sand, water and sometimes colour, Curb-Ease standard mix contains glass fibre and a curb strengthening product which is added to each mix - increasing the structural integrity of the concrete. 


The Operator

Curb-Ease Franchisees work together in providing our customers with the highest quality products available.  We are continually introducing innovative new products designed to distance us from competitors and enhance the earning potential of our franchisees.

Our Franchisees attend an intense hands-on training / certification program, participate in regular conventions, advanced training seminars and are provided with ongoing support.  Ongoing skills development programs including sales, marketing, financial management, crew leadership and advanced installation techniques provide franchisees with the tools needed to grow their businesses. 

Franchisees participate in round table discussions at a Curb-Ease
"Power of One" Convention with Geoffrey X Lane
The System
Being part of the Curb-Ease team means that while you are committed to your success as an independent owner/operator - you are also a key component in the success of the franchise network. In return we are committed to helping build your business and have a vested interest in making you successful.

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