Turn-Key Package

Curb-Ease provides a turn-key equipment package that has been designed to help you achieve maximum return on your investment.  In order for you to deliver quality products you need quality equipment, tools, accessories and a training program that will have you curbing like a pro in only a few weeks.

Custom Trailer & Vehicle Graphics

Keep in mind when pursuing a Curb-Ease Franchise Opportunity you are looking at purchasing a business, not just equipment.  We award franchises to people who qualify and are a good fit within our franchise system.  Unlike buying equipment — where the purchase represents the conclusion of the transaction, investing in a Curb-Ease™ Franchise represents the beginning of the relationship. Be part of a team that has a vested interest in your success.

Curb-Ease custom built trailers are self-contained units specifically designed for maximum production.  Custom Curbing TrailerThe trailer holds your equipment, tools and materials, ensuring you'll arrive at the job site fully prepared to produce hundreds of feet of curbing quickly and efficiently.

Our graphics are designed to capture the customers eye.

  • 90% of travelers notice graphics wrapped vehicles
  • 75% of consumers form impressions about a company based on the fleet graphics
  • 30% of consumers base buying decisions on impressions they receive from company vehicles.
Turbo Curber


Curb-Ease™ Turbo-Curber™ is the most versatile curbing machine on the market today.  The Turbo-Curber™ has been engineered to deliver performance above the industry standard -- Quality Products that are built to last!

The speed of extrusion, tight-turning circumference and quality of curbing this machine can produce is unsurpassed.  The Turbo-Curber™ was designed to extrude both residential and industrial curbing.


Extruded Lighting ChannelCurb Lighting Channel
Curb-Ease Turbo-Curber™ comes complete with the lighting system.  This feature is a mold injection process that allows you to extrude a channel in the back of the curb which can be used as a lighting channel for rope lighting, electrical wires or drip line irrigation system.

Stamping Kit & Impression Tools
Our Stamping Kit & Impression Tools allow Curb-Ease Franchisees to produce any style or pattern while offering customers the option of choosing from one of many standard stamp impressions or to choose from our exclusive deep impression series - only available from a Curb-Ease Franchisee.

The new deep impression series was introduced in the summer of 2008.   There is nothing on the market today that can achieve the results and stunning finish that our Curb-Ease Franchisee's achieve with the exclusive new deep impression tools.  Curb-Ease continues to lead the decorative concrete curbing industry with innovative & exclusive products designed to provide our franchisees with a major competitive edge. Standard Curb Impression

Sod Cutter
The easiest Sod Cutter you'll ever use! 
Sod Cutter
The SC-204 Sod Cutter is the latest in sod cutting design and technology.  Don't let the size fool you.  It only weighs 160 lbs., but with a 5.5 hp Honda OHV engine and sturdy construction it is easy to use and is the perfect size for residential curbing.

The SC-204 comes standard with a 10" curb blade for easy sod removal and ground preparation.  The custom 10" blade is offset to one side making it easier for you to follow your line with the cutting edge. 

A complete set of tools comes standard as part of the Curb-Ease Franchise System.   Wheelbarrows designed to carry 250 lbs of concrete per load, industrial hoses, hose reels, extruder shovels, sand shovels, finishing tools, safety items and much more.  You will have everything you need to get started and you won't be wasting time trying to figure out what you need or where to get it.

Marketing Items Trade Show Booth
Professional marketing items are an essential part of any business.  Curb-Ease maintains a professional image by providing our Franchisees with professional brochures, door hangers, business cards, lawn signs, print advertising designs, web site, a promotional dvd and trade show booths all designed to help you get business.

Curb-Ease ApparelWhen you show up to a customer's site there is no question in their mind who you are. Our professional apparel not only identifies you and your crew, but maintains the professional image of the Curb-Ease brand.


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