So, as a family we made the decision to apply for an opportunity to buy a Curb-Ease Franchise.  We waited for the answer, and then one day it came.  We were in.  The rest is, and will be, History.  Jon, Joel & Betty

Franchisee Edmonton

"We are really excited to start a FULL season in 2014.  We LOVE curbing and are looking forward to working with new and existing customers next year and creating beautiful curb appeal.”

2nd Franchisee Edmonton

Scott and Sherry decided several years ago that they would like to begin a business of their own. After over a year of investigating several different franchises they ran into Garry at the Regina and Area Franchise Show. It was a very quick decision as Curb-Ease seemed to be the perfect fit for their lifestyle as the whole family enjoys travelling south for the cold Saskatchewan winter months. Scott's first year of Curb-Ease was a late start as the first job was mid-August and by the first week of October it was already getting too cold to lay concrete. Although it was a late start, the 7 weeks of curbing was a great way to get used to the business and get employees (Brad and Shaya), trained for next season.


Franchisee Regina